Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Debt limit deal is not “A Tea Party Triumph” as big media reports!

SEE: A Tea Party Triumph


"The tea partiers pride themselves on adhering to the Constitution, which was intended to make political change difficult. Yet in this deal they've forced both parties to make the biggest spending cuts in 15 years, with more cuts likely next year."

Unfortunately, the truth is, this is not a Tea Party Triumph nor a victory for the American People, especially when Article 1, Section 5 of our Constitution is violated which requires at a minimum, a majority of the House and Senate members to be present, “to do Business“, which is the “making of law" and is significantly different from passing a law which only requires a vote.

This bill establishing a “committee of 12” to make law, allowed to be passed with the help of “Republicans“, is part of Obama’s fundamental transformation of our system of government and intended to exclude the people’s elected members of Congress from the "making of law", and only allows them in on the action with an up or down vote after a Washington Establishment’s hand picked inside crowd of 12 makes the law.

Keep in mind this hand pick gang does not represent each and every State in the making of law, nor does it represent the various congressional districts within the States, when making law, and thus violates the very essences of our “Republican Form of Government” guaranteed under Article 4 Section 4 of our Constitution.

But getting back to Article 1, Section 5 and its requirement that a “Majority” of members of both houses are present “to do Business“, this provision was specifically debated during the framing of our Constitution and it was intended to forbid “a small number of members of the two Houses to make laws” ___ SEE for example: MADISON‘S NOTES

“This is a valuable & necessary part of the plan. In this extended Country, embracing so great a diversity of interests, it would be dangerous to the distant parts to allow a small number of members of the two Houses to make laws. The Central States could always take care to be on the Spot and by meeting earlier than the distant ones, or wearying their patience, and outstaying them, could carry such measures as they pleased. He admitted that inconveniences might spring from the secession of a small number: But he had also known good produced by an apprehension, of it. He had known a paper emission prevented by that cause in Virginia. He thought the Constitution as now moulded was founded on sound principles, and was disposed to put into it extensive powers. At the same time he wished to guard agst. abuses as much as possible. If the Legislature should be able to reduce the number at all, it might reduce it as low as it pleased & the U. States might be governed by a Juncto- A majority of the number which had been agreed on, was so few that he feared it would be made an objection agst. the plan.”

Now, under this 12 member committee crap, who are to be selected by the Washington Establishment, the various States , and, the people of the various congressional districts within the States, are not all represented in the making of law, which is not only a violation of the very intention for which Article 1, Section 5 was adopted, but it is a direct assault upon our “Republican Form of Government” guaranteed under Article 4, Section 4 of the Constitution of the united States in that the people’s representatives are intentionally excluded from the law making process, and may only vote on the adoption of a law after it is made.

And then what happens? It has to be passed so the people can find out what’s in it. Have we not learned this dirty little trick?

On this day, August 2nd, 2011, a giant step in Obama’s fundamental transformation of our system of government has taken place and every member in the Senate who voted YEA, is complicit in this subversive act of tyranny!

A longtime Tea Party admirer!

America we have a problem! We have a group of DOMESTIC ENEMIES who have managed to seize political power and whose mission is in fact to bring “change” to America ___ the dismantling of our military defensive power; the allowance of our borders to be overrun by foreign invaders, the diluting of our election process by allowing ineligible persons to vote; the circumvention of our Republican Form of Government which is now replace with a 12 member committee vested with power to make law; the destruction of our manufacturing capabilities; the transferring of America’s technology to hostile foreign nations; the strangulation of our agricultural industry and ability to produce food under the guise of environmental necessity; the destruction of our nation’s health care delivery system, the interference with our ability to develop our natural resources, namely oil, to fuel our economy; the looting of both our federal treasury and a mandatory retirement pension fund; the brainwashing of our nation’s children in government operated schools; the trashing of our nation’s traditions and moral values; the creation of an iron fisted control unauthorized by our written Constitution over America’s businesses and industries; the devaluation of our nation’s currency, and, the future enslavement of our children and grand children via unbridled debt and inflation, not to mention an iron fisted government which intends to rule their very lives!